Welcome to Spint Consult!

Creating competitive advantage through unique solutions! Are you tired of dealing with numerous consultancy firms with low success ratio? Are you looking for a reliable, trusted training consultancy firm working with focus & concentrated efforts?
If yes, Spint Consult can assist you.
  • Corporate Training

    Spint specializes in short business management courses between three days and three weeks in length. At Spint, our primary objective is to help develop the skills of delegates to enable them to tackle existing challenges and grow within their organization. Our training courses Read more »
  • Research / Mystery Shopping

    Dependent on your needs, Spint can advise you on focused and efficient Mystery Shopping programs, with a cost-effective return on investment. Our Mystery Shopping services incorporate different techniques for the measurement of various customer touchpoints: face-to-face contact Read more »
  • Consultancy Services

    Spint’s wealth of knowledge covers the world’s major industries and the most crucial business issues. Our broad range of expertise and clean-slate approach to finding solutions have led us to develop new ideas that quickly become the standard. Our objective is not simply to apply best practice Read more »
  • Social Media / Online Management

    Social media marketing, when done right, can lead to more customers, more traffic, and more conversions, and its here to stay. Spint would like to manage your organization’s social media. We will create online presence for you. We will make it now easier for people to find your Page Read more »
  • Event Management & Public Relations

    We know your brand is special and we know how to make it stand out from the crowd. Events (live or recorded) we know what to say, how to say, when to say and where to say it for you. Any event management company can help you choose linens, organize catering or find a hotel for Read more »
  • Our Partners

    Corporate Bridge Academy
    Corporate Bridge (Financial Training)
    IIHT(Asia’s top IT training organizations
    hSenid and Paget & Partners.

    Read more »